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This is probably the last post from me for a while. We’re moving this weekend. Things have been pretty hairy the past few days, and I have no idea when they will actually calm down.

A small update: we still do not have a house to rent yet. A lovely retired couple from church has offered to let us stay there for a little while, so we are moving there this weekend. We would just stay here, but the other family that is moving here that needs this house is moving next week. . .so we’re doing our best-est (I know that’s not a word) to get out so they can get in here. Confused? Me too, lol.

Anyways, if you’d remember us in your prayers, we’d appreciate it!

Ok, Stephen just walked into the room. . .he just got off the phone. . .we’re moving tomorrow. They’ll be here at 11am with a truck. . .


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  1. Good luck with your move Mel. Let me know what your new # and addy are when you get settled. 🙂

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