Looking at houses

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This whole looking for a place to rent thing is a whole lot more challenging than I gave it credit for. We have been here almost three weeks now, and still not many serious leads.

Well, ok, there were a few, but none of them have played out favorably yet. We have been amazed – everything we’ve called about has one of three problems: too expensive, too small (the number of 1 bedroom homes out there is amazing!), or too far from Stephen’s job. Then there’s the problem with pets. . .we really don’t want to have to give up our black lab Buddy, but well, if we have to. . . . . .Let’s just say that at this point we’re not ruling that possibility out.

We have an appointment for tomorrow morning to go see a house. From what we do know if it, it sounds adequate for our needs. I really have few expectations at this point – it’s easier that way – but I’m really wondering how it will play out.

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3 thoughts on “Looking at houses”

  1. WOW Renee!!!! What a SMALL world! I’m just amazed that you’re so close.

    I’ll try and blog more about our new church when I have a little more time. . . .I just have enough time tonight to check email and that’s about it. Hopefully soon though!

    And thanks for the welcome to Fountain County!

  2. Melody I was reading Tammy’s Times blog and came across yours. I saw Attica,IN and thought what!?!? I live in Covington, also in Fountain Co. I don’t know where you came from but welcome to Fountain County! I’d love to know more about your church.


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