Doctor visits today

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Little man and I both had doctor visits today. They were something else. Poor guy – his ear infection is still not completely gone so the doctor prescribed him more meds to hopefully get it cleared up soon.

For me, I could write a book about the day’s appointments, but I won’t. I’ll spare you (big grin here). When Stephen lost his job last year, I had to go off the meds I take for Insulin Resistance and the PCOS. We just couldn’t afford them. I was frustrated about it, but that was a part of life, so why complain?

At today’s visit, I brought it up to my new doctor (it was my first visit with her) that I needed a refill. She decided that since it had been so long since I had had everything tested (the diabetes testing, the hormone levels, thyroid, etc), that she wanted me to have it all tested again. She wrote me out a prescription for the metformin for now, but after we get bloodwork results back, we’ll re-evaluate whether or not the dose is correct or not. When I was originally diagnosed with the PCOS, surely the doctor ran all the hormone tests, but I honestly do not remember that she did. It is a relief to be having them tested now. After having gone through infertility, one thing I am thankful for is the knowledge I’ve gained. It will be nice to have concrete answers to some of my questions.

The hospital is also supposed to be calling me about some more tests and ultrasounds that I need to have done. Since we do not know my family history because of my adoption, there are some things that the doctor feels would be better if we test now just to be sure. Hopefully they’ll have an appointment for me soon.

The doctor also prescribed me meds for my elbow. It started bothering me a few weeks ago, but I dismissed it thinking that I had slept on it wrong. She seemed to think that it was just inflamed in the joint. I’m hoping that she’s right and that the pain and stiffness will go away.

Well, here I am trying to keep it short and I’ve still written a book! I’m sorry.

God has been teaching me some amazing things about Himself and my walk with Him, and I hope to be able to share about them some time soon. Since I use a borrowed computer here, I don’t like to tie it up for very long at once. Maybe I should journal it by hand and then just type it all in late in the evening when everyone else is watching tv. . .

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2 thoughts on “Doctor visits today”

  1. Melody-
    I just happened on to your site from Candy’s. I was looking at your binder. Any way I noticed you have PCOS, I do also. I had to take clomid to conceive the first time (however 1st son was born too premature) and the Dr said that the pregancy would “cure” my PCOS. It seemed it did (I had #2 13 1/2 months later and #3 13 1/2 months after that). Know 3 years later everything is back w/ PCOS. I was wondering what meds your Dr put you on.


  2. Hi. Melody. I went to the doctor myself the other day and I got to get off one of my meds.Thanks the Lord for that It was the highest costing one. That m word medicine you take I take it to. The blood doctor I have been seeing has me on two iron pills a day they seem to thank it is a iron deficence I could have told them that but they charge me 1,000 something for that. My I am in the wrong profession (haha). Hope Sam feels better soon. Love ya Stef

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