We'll be moving again soon

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Our time is nearly up at this house we’re currently living in. The owners have so graciously allowed us to live here rent-free; I cannot even begin to tell what a blessing that has been to us. It allowed us to get back on our feet after the move much more quickly than we could have otherwise.

We’ll be needing to move soon, though. The owners have another family that needs to live here (they’re moving to IN from across the country, just like we did). There’s not a bit of upset or hurt feelings here – we’ve known all along that this house is theirs to do with as they please, and we’ve simply been grateful for every week we’ve been allowed to live here.

So today, I drove to a realtor’s office in town to pick up a list of landlords in the area. We’ve been looking a little bit, but now we’re searching in earnest. I called several of the people this afternoon, and the rest will have to wait until this evening. We have a pretty specific idea of what type of house we need, but we’re not sure how easy they are to find or get into, or if they’re even open at this time or not.

One thing I’m really excited about is that we’re looking to move into town, where we’ll be closer to church. We’ve lived 20 minutes from church for most of our marraige, so the thought of living closer is very exciting. It helps that most of the church family lives in or near town too. :O)

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