We were going to have chicken soup tonight. . .

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Got up this morning with a full-blown case of the “yuckies.” I don’t seem to have all of Little man’s symptoms – I actually have flu-like symptoms – but it doesn’t matter. I’m sick. Little man is doing some better, but he’s still miserable. Poor guy, he really has no idea which end is up.

By lunchtime I was so weak that I called Stephen downstairs to help me fix lunch. I just didn’t have the energy to deal with Little man and cook at the same time. I’m so thankful for my sweet husband! He doesn’t mind a bit stepping in to do things around the house that are traditionally “my” duties, like dishes or cooking or whatever. He loves to cook, and is a good cook, in fact, he taught me how to cook. I just love cooking a big meal with him. But I digress.

Stephen decided that since I didn’t feel well that we should have chicken soup for supper. It sounded good, so I got a chicken out of the freezer and started to defrost it some before I threw it in the pot to cook.

The stove here has a mind of it’s own. One of the big burners doesn’t work, so we do most of our cooking on the large front burner. Well, this burner only works part of the time – you have to jiggle the pot on the burner sometimes to get it to come on. I guess the contacts are corroding or not connecting right or something.

Once the pot of chicken was finally bubbling well, I went into the study to read my Bible. I fell asleep praying. I awoke to hear noises coming from the kitchen. Since I wasn’t sure if it was Stephen or Little man, I got up to investigate. Good thing.

White smoke hung down a full 18 inches from the ceiling. My chicken had boiled dry. I have no idea how it boiled dry so quickly, but somehow it did. My big soup pot is ruined, I’m afraid. I scooped the chicken out of the pot, hoping that maybe we can salvage some of it for supper. The pot is soaking with baking soda and water. That was my favorite pot, and I’m going to do just about everything I can to see if it can be saved. I sure hope so!

We turned the ceiling fans on and opened the doors to air out the smell. It smells like someone is grilling chicken outside.

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3 thoughts on “We were going to have chicken soup tonight. . .”

  1. I am sorry you are not feeling well. Thats pretty scary about the pot boiling dry and the smoke. I’m glad your kitchen didn’t catch fire. Hope you can salvage the pan.

    Be blessed

  2. At least you weren’t cooking beans! If you’ve never burned beans you can’t understand how terribly bad, disgusting, yucky (get the picture?) they smell. It will stink up the house for hours! I have found that baking soda works really well on most things like this. I soak my burner pans from the stove in hot water, baking soda and dish detergent and barely have to scrub them.

  3. They make this crazy product for burned on stuff that works SUPER well. I can’t remember the name but it comes in a blue squirt bottle and smells a lot like oven cleaner. You’ll find it with all the dish soap stuff. I use it occasionally, then wash and wash and wash the dish. Works amazingly well and may save the pan!

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