Took Little man to the doctor for a follow up visit

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Poor little guy. I took him to our new doctor for a follow-up visit today. I like this doctor. It’s a family practice, and we should be able to get just about everything done there – Little man’s visits, and Stephen and my checkups, and even the womanly visits will be able to be taken care of there! I was very impressed.

I left an hour and a half before the appointment. I budgeted an hour for drive time and planned to get there thirty minutes early. It didn’t happen. I got turned around in town, and had to stop and ask for directions to get there. Mapquest is usually pretty good for directions, but I was about 4 blocks away the whole time and just could not find the office. Oh well. We were only three minutes late.

The doctor checked Little man over, and glanced in his ears. . .and we found out why he’s been so grumpy this past couple of days. Poor little guy has an ear infection on top of the upper respiratory infection. I asked them last week to check his ears, because when he gets a cold, he almost always ends up with an ear infection. The thing is, I never considered that he might get an ear infection while the respiratory infection was being treated. It was one of those, “Duh, why didn’t I think of this sooner?” moments.

So he has another follow-up visit in three weeks to check on his ears. I have an appointment there for that week as well, so we just put the appointments on the same day to save us some driving. I’ll have to take someone with me to watch Little man while I’m in my appointment, but since Stephen works thirds it won’t be too bad.

Oiy. Now I’m off to sit on the couch with Stephen and do a whole lotta nothin! :O)

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