It's raining

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It’s so peaceful. Stephen just left for work, so I thought I’d sit down and check email quickly before I head to bed.

Shortly after I sat down, the rain began. It’s such a pleasant drumming sound on the roof above me. So soothing.

As I reflect on today, I realize that there are so many things to be thankful for. Health insurance. Paying a copay instead of having to wonder if we can afford to visit the doctor at all. Not having to wonder if we can afford a medication or if we’d have to go without. . .we were that way for so long, and there were some medications we did without because we couldn’t afford them. No longer. After going so long without health or prescription insurance, now that we have it, I count my blessings each time I pull out that little grey card.

Another blessing is what arrived in the mail the other day. After the confusion with our rental income for July, I had prayed that the rent for August would arrive early. It had never come before the fifth of the month before, so I just hoped it would come earlier than it had been coming. Well, it came this week. Not just on time, but early. Much earlier than I expected. It was a nice suprise.

When I got home today, Stephen was in the kitchen. I’m thankful for a husband who does the dishes (and scrubs dirty pots), so I don’t have to come home to a dirty house.

I am so blessed.

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3 thoughts on “It's raining”

  1. Melody,

    I was browsing through my bookmarks and came across your blog, so thought I’d stop by for a quick visit … just wanted you to know that I’ve missed you on the HP PAP boards … Keep in touch!


  2. Hope your little one is feeling better!
    It is always good to stop and savor those moments of pure peace that God graces us with just when we need them.

  3. I like it when it storms. WIth the dark sky, and the green leaves against it, it’s so pretty.

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