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Things have been crazy this month. One thing especially added to the craziness: our rental income. There had been some repairs done on the house that our property manager had neglected to inform us about, and the bills for those came due in July. Not too big a deal, except the check we received was considerably smaller than we anticipated. Had she told us about the repairs, we could have budgeted for the difference. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out like that. It meant that we’d have to come up with the difference from Stephen’s paycheck, making our grocery budget very, very tight for the next few weeks.

Our fifth anniversary is in two weeks, and I was telling someone about our plans (or rather, the lack thereof – we still haven’t decided what to do). I mentioned that whatever we did would have to be low-cost because of finances. You know, the whole “we don’t have a lot of money for groceries so we’re certainly not going to spend a lot on an anniversary when we could buy food with the money instead” line of thought. Our other anniversaries have been during lean times, so to come up with a frugal idea this time was nothing new. We’re used to it, so why complain? Eventually there will be a time when we can spend more money on an anniversary, and we’re looking forward to that time, but that doesn’t mean to get discouraged now.

Well, after that conversation, I pretty much forgot about it, until today.

I went out to get the mail, and there was a check in the mail. This very same person had sent us $100 for grocery money. What a blessing!

What made it even more special to me was the bills I had paid earlier this week. I had paid a bill by direct debit. We had the money in the account, but it was hard for me to pay the bill knowing how little money it would leave for gas and food. I know God said that He would provide, but sometimes it’s still scary to take that step in trusting Him. I think that the Lord specifically moved this person to send us grocery money so that I would have that reminder that He would indeed provide.

Another nice thing: Meijer is having some great sales this week! Yeah!

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  2. It’s wonderful when God meets our needs in an unexpected way.

    I was wondering how your plans for moving are coming? Have you found a new place?

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