Fireworks? No way!

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We love to watch fireworks, but we discovered something this year. Little man is deathly afraid of the explosion. It seems that lately any loud noise sends him running for Mama or Daddy. I think he would enjoy seeing the lights, but not the accompanying noise.

Tonight several people in our neighborhood were setting off fireworks. We put Little man in bed a little later than usual (we gave him his bedtime snack late – oops). He was out of bed the instant the door closed behind Stephen when he left for work. I laid him back down. One burst of fireworks across the street sent Little manl crying downstairs to find me.

It would have been fun to go see the display this year, but after the hour and a half of “What’s that?” after each explosion. . .I’m not so convinced it would have been a good idea.

It’s 11:53 p.m. and he’s been quiet for twenty minutes now. Hopefully he’ll actually sleep all night tonight. I should probably go upstairs and go to bed too. . .but I think I’m enjoying the peace and (relative) quiet a little bit too much.

Ok. . .I really will go to bed now. . .

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