A week of favorites

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Over at Prairie Homemaker, some of the ladies are sharing a week’s worth of their families’ favorite meals. I figured some people here might be interested in seeing the recipes. . .so here’s our family’s favorites, along with a few of the recipes. We’d probably not ever really serve all these meals in the same week because they’re too expensive to eat all back-to-back. Usually we alternate bigger, more expensive meals with cheaper ones to balance out the grocery budget for the week.

But, just for fun, here are our favorites:

Cubed Beef patties and white gravy over potatoes
Steak on the grill, with grilled corn on the cob and grilled carmelized onion and some other starch
Shrimp boiled with Old Bay Seasoning
Taco Salad – not your traditional taco salad – recipe here
Chicken and Dumplins
Homemade Pizza – crust recipe here
Homemade Stromboli – recipe here

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