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We had quite the storm come through early this morning. I’ve heard loud thunder before, but I don’t know that I’ve ever heard it quite that loud. Wow. It was absolutely incredible! One thunderclap was so loud it rattled windows, and another startled me so much I think I jumped a whole foot into the air, lol! We had company in bed too – Little Man was terrified! We ended up going downstairs to sleep until the storm passed.

That storm must have been right above the house (rather than a little ways away). . .we saw some lightning that we think hit ground nearby. We can’t see anything damaged from here inside the house, but I wonder how the rest of the neighborhood fared. Maybe that warrants a walk to see later today. We’ll see.

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1 thought on “Thunderstorms”

  1. We have had some pretty big ones here lately, too. It’s slowed down a bit, but now it’s so hot!

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