Tough decision

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But this time, not one I have to make.

My mom just called me with a prayer request. My grandmother’s health is going downhill pretty quickly. She has stated many times that she does not want extreme measures to save her life, as each time she is in intensive care she is absolutely miserable.

So now, all of Grandma’s children have a decision to make. The immediate medical care that she requires: would it be considered too extreme or not. A decision that I am thankful I do not have to make.

Yes, I am becoming more and more convinced that one is never truly ready for the death of a loved one. It is a huge comfort to me to know that Grandma is born again, and that I will see her again in Heaven. But no, I am not ready for this.

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1 thought on “Tough decision”

  1. Hi Melody, I just found a link to your blog on the prairie homemaker site, I am so glad I stopped in today! I know how you feel about Grandma. I too have a dear grandmother who has had many health problems in recent years. She is 85 and has had several strokes and now lives in an assisted living place with round the clock nurse care if she needs it. Everytime I get a call that she has fallen or is in the hospital, I struggle with how to pray for her, she has said that she is waiting for the Lord to call her home. She is such a sweet lady and is always thinking of others, even when she is the one in pain. I feel so blessed to have her for a Grandmother! The conclusion I have come to is to pray that God’s will be done, weather that be through medical means or not. But like you, I too am glad that the decision making does not come down to me. I will be praying that God’s will be done for your Grandmother, and that those who do have decisions to make will make the right desicion. It is a great comfort to know Grandma is ready to go home, whenever her time comes!

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