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I just uploaded some new pictures of Little man onto my computer. Here are some of my favorites.

He was thirsty and brought the gallon jug of tea across the house to tell me he wanted some. He knew he was in trouble, but I just get a kick out of this picture.

This picture gives me the giggles too. He decided to be silly one night when he was in the tub.

Since we’re potty training right now, he knows that clean underwear is very likely in the dryer (I wash his underwear every night because we only have a few pairs of training pants). Underwear goes on your arms, right?

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  1. Hi Melody,
    Remember me Tori from L&B. I have been coming here reading for a while and didn’t even realize who you are. Glad to find you and I’ll add you to my linkies. :0)

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