Oh my

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Have I EVER created more work for myself this time! I’ve been in the middle of a major upgrade to my jewelry store. . .so the past three days I’ve been eating, drinking, and sleeping software code and hacks. I was making some really good progress, until tonight.

In one fell swoop, I decided to upload a ton of the new, upgraded files over my old ones. Normally this isn’t a huge deal, if you have things backed up. I thought I was fine, and didn’t check.


I accidentally erased hours and hours of my hard work, with no way to retrieve it. I just sat there in disbelief when I realized what I had done.

I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure to get the site upgraded as quickly as possible. It’s one thing if I go for a long time with no new orders – if it’s for no apparent reason. But to go for a long time with no orders because I don’t have the site operational – that’s entirely different. I just keep hoping that my “Down for Maintenance” sign isn’t turning away business.

It’s been my goal for quite some time now to do a total overhaul of the site. The new software upgrade makes it entirely possible because they’ve changed so much of the base code. Much work now, but hopefully it will be a timesaver in the future.

Thankfully, Stephen’s been understanding of my need to be on the computer more than normal. And I am VERY thankful for the DSL that we have now; it makes life so, so much easier.

Now if I just would have remembered that I needed to keep some of those old files. . .

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