Got more work done on the site

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Although the end is finally in sight, it’s still a fair bit away. I’m finally making progress on my site. Yay.

While I was working today, I discovered that yesterday’s mistake was not what I thought it was. I hadn’t wiped out all the data – I had instead installed a file that dictated that the pages be displayed differently. I accidentally stumbled across the files I thought I had deleted, and I was thrilled. Problem is – I’m not too sure which of the new files it is that I messed with – making me none too convinced of which file needs tweaking. I’ve edited so many files now, it’s hard to remember which one it was that made the difference. Oh well.

Now I’m almost to the double-checking phase. Most things are the way I want them now, but not quite. My personal goal is to have the site operational again by Monday, but I’m not sure if that’s attainable or not.

Stephen sent me to a Creative Memories scrapbooking party tonight, and it was a wonderful relief! I even got two layouts worked on this time. One of them has the pictures of Sam’s birthmother on it – it turned out really nice. I just need to do the journalling for it and it’s finished.

Ok – my “free time” is up – time to go back to work, lol!

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2 thoughts on “Got more work done on the site”

  1. Melody,
    I’m so happy you found your work. I know how discouraging that can be. I look forward to looking at it when you are finished.

    In Him,

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