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Michelle asked:

I’m wondering if I can use regular milk instead of dry milk? Does it make a difference? TIA

The recipe calls for 9 oz warm water and 1/3 cup dry milk (you can see the recipe here). You could use 9 oz of warm water instead of the water and dry milk with no problems. This recipe came from the manual to a bread machine that I no longer have. If you were to make it in the bread machine, and wanted to use the timer, then you would need to use the water and dry milk. If you were mixing it immediately, though, it wouldn’t matter.

Around here, since we go so long between grocery trips (we’re too far from a reasonably-priced grocer, so I try to limit my trips to the local grocer as much as possible unless they have super sales), it’s not uncommon for us to run out of milk the day before I’m planning on going grocery shopping. We always have dry milk in the house because it is so cheap compared to liquid milk – and stores much easier because it doesn’t spoil. I’ve been getting better at keeping milk in the house, but having the dry milk around makes life much easier.

Hope that helps!

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