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We got an um. . .interesting. . .suprise in the mail yesterday. A letter from the IRS, stating that we were being audited. I cried. After plenty of phone calls and number-crunching, we figured out what had happened and how to solve it. A couple of years ago, Stephen received two 1099 forms. From what we could tell after calling the IRS, we had filed one form, and his employer had filed the other 1099. The solution: photocopy both 1099’s, and mail them to the IRS with a letter telling them which one was the correct one. It was a HUGE relief to hear that the solution was so simple. Had it been our error, we would have had to pay the IRS an additional $3,000. And oh yeah, it was due within a month, or else face hefty interest charges. Thankfully, we don’t owe the extra money!

I did get a chuckle after I got off the phone with the IRS though. I looked at Stephen’s mom and said, “Well, I do feel a lot better after talking to the IRS.” The irony of that statement just amused me.

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