Bread, bread, bread

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My big project for the next couple days is baking bread like a mad woman for a bake sale. I made eight loaves today, but cut into two of them. One was a loaf of sourdough. Sometimes, if the bread takes too long to rise, the crust gets tougher than I like, and it gets big air bubbles in it. This dough took about 12 hours longer than usual, so I cut into one of the three loaves just to be sure. The texture was a bit coarser, like I anticipated, but it still tasted good. We ate a couple slices for breakfast, and Stephen took the rest of the loaf to work with him tonight.

The other loaf I cut into was a honey wheat. It had been a while since I made it, and since one of the loaves ended up being shaped kinda funny, I cut into it. It was better than I remembered, but I will still be tweaking the recipe further. We’ll probably have a tray with tiny bite-sized pieces of bread for people to sample, so I’ll use this cut loaf for that.

I still need to make a few signs and lables for the loaves of bread, but I’ll do that tomorrow when I need a break between loaves.

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  1. Bread is something that I’ve never had good luck with…even my bread machine endeavors haven’t done that great! But one of these days, I WILL master bread making!

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