Taking the plunge

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We’ve finally decided to switch from dial-up internet access to dsl. Stephen and I are both excited. We’ve wanted to switch for years, but at our house in the Carolinas, high speed internet wasn’t available. Here in town though, it is. YAY!

Before we signed up with them, we wanted to check one thing first. The price we’re now paying is $12.95 a month – only $3 more than the $9.95 we were paying. While the price was nice, the service was really slow. We had been getting fed up with the service, so we were excited to hear about the plan that our phone company was offering. We could handle the $3 difference. Our concern was that the $12.95 a month was with a year-long contract. We don’t know that we’ll still be in this house in a year’s time (honestly, I highly doubt it), so we wanted to know what would happen if we moved to an area where the dsl wasn’t available. Thankfully, if the high-speed internet isn’t available at our new home, they let us out of our contract.

I am really looking forward to the faster speed. Trying to do the web programming end of my jewelry store using dial-up has been a challenge, to say the least. I’m definitely used to it, but when we moved here and found our dial-up was even slower, it got really frustrating. Now I’m chomping at the bit to get it activated!

Another neat thing about it all is that our pastor and his wife get $25 for giving us their referral code! They just signed up for high-speed internet as well, so we figured we’d put in their referral code so they could get the money. We thought that was pretty neat.

After recently paying $200 to buy out of our cell phone contract a year early, we were very happy to hear that news! We wanted to keep our cell phones, but the small, local company we had service with didn’t offer service up here in IN – so we decided to cancel. It turns out that it was cheaper to pay them the early termination fee than to keep paying the monthly fees for another year.

So anyways, we’re switching, and I cannot wait! I ordered the new modem last night around 6 pm, and it arrived here at noon today. I was amazed! We still have another week (I think) before the activation date, though. Heh. . .that reminds me. . .I need to go see if I can have that date changed now that we have the equipment. Probably not, but it won’t hurt to check!

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  1. Yay! Mel, you’re gunna have so much fun with DSL. Oh how i missed it when i moved back home from college.

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