Scored at garage sales today

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Every year, on Mother’s Day weekend, the town of Williamsport holds a town-wide garage sale. Their advertisement in the paper stated that last year they had over 70 families participating, so Stephen and I decided to go. My grandmother even gave us cash instead of birthday gifts for our little guy, knowing our plans to attend.

Wow – there were garage sales everywhere! We were very glad for the stroller. It made things much easier!

The first one we stopped at I got several tops for $.10 and $.25 each…..but the dress I got was a real steal. I wasn’t sure if it’d fit, so the lady let me try it on. It did. It was brand new, with the tags still on it. It was originally $178 but had been marked “down” to $117.

I paid $1 for it!

Stephen was laughing at my excitement, but come on! That’s a fantastic deal! It’s a gorgeous teal-colored jacket dress with embroidery and beading around the hem of the jacket.

I wasn’t able to find as many boy’s clothes as I had hoped. We were able to pick up a couple things for him, though. One of the last sales we went to had a Little Tykes workbench – the one with the pegboard and things to play “workshop” with. The price? $2. I was very happy with that purchase too. Stephen’s mom has one at her house that’s really similar, and little Bug just loves it, so I was thrilled to be able to find him one of his own.

Yep – we did good. Especially so if you consider that we spent less than $10 for everything!

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