New clothes

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Matthew 6:8b
for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.

When we arrived at church last night, our pastor’s wife pulled me aside. “I don’t know what size shirt you wear, but there’s a huge bag of them in the back room that look like they might be your size.”

That pile was huge! Some of the clothes were obviously not my size or style, but several were. I grabbed a huge armful and headed home with them.

Thirteen of the shirts fit me! It was so nice! Some of these tops look like they’ve never even been worn. They’re in wonderful condition. One thing that made me very happy was that a few of them were more “trendy” than I’m used to wearing. That can sometimes be a bad thing, but it wasn’t this time. It’s nice to have a few shirts that are more in style than my typical plain t-shirt and denim skirt.

The timing of things is kind of funny to me. Last week I went through my drawers and packed away all the t-shirts that were a size too small, and threw out ones that were just plain worn out. Most days I wear a dressier t-shirt or knit top, but I found that I only had four everyday shirts to wear. I didn’t think much about it, other than reminding myself that I would need to make sure that I keep laundry done so I would have shirts to wear. It was a huge blessing to get some new (to me, anyways) shirts!

On my way out the door last night, I saw some more clothes that had been hung up that weren’t with the other clothes. One of the items was a black wool coat. I grabbed it. When I got home and tried it on, I was amazed to find that it fit perfectly! Not only is it a beautiful coat, but I didn’t have a coat suitable for Indiana winters. I am so blessed.

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