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I discovered today what an adventure all-out potty training can be. I also discovered that I need to go get more training pants! Today was the first day I put my little guy in training pants instead of diapers. I’ve put him on the potty before (and he’s gone), but I figured I’d go all-out.

By 11am we had gone through 4 pairs of underwear. We only have 9 pairs. I started getting mental images of me washing all his other pairs while he naps, and then washing again at night after he goes to bed!

I thought 9 would be enough. . .(ok, you experienced mamas can laugh at me), but apparently I was waaaaaaay wrong! I had no idea how many times a day a little boy has to go!

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8 thoughts on “Need to go to the store”

  1. What really helped me was to have a potty chair in the back of my van with extra clothes, underpants, wipes and plastic shopping bags. Also, at home, I would sit my child backwards, facing the tank. My kids felt more secure that way. Hope this helps.

  2. Julie – I do get images of my little man standing there peeing on the couch. That’s one reason I haven’t jumped fully on the bandwagon yet. . .

  3. Everytime I think of naked bottom training I have terrible images of poop all over my house. Jelly beans are semi working here. Though its only if he really really wants a jelly bean, other times he could care less. *Sigh*

  4. Naked bottom training? I’ll have to go look that up. Do you have a website that tells about it, Meredith? I’ve only heard about it one other time. That sounds like a really good idea (and we have hardwood floors so cleanup would be easier). . .

    Google, here I come!

  5. Heh, the fun of kids! I’m not a mom, but I do enjoy reading those blogs, and I love your attitude! You’re a bit of a Titus2 woman to me 🙂 thanks for being there!

  6. We did naked bottom training at home, then went through about six pairs of underwear and pants while we were out and about in town. Luckily their little clothes are still small and quick to dry on the line! But take heart, it doesn’t last long…
    And it’s a whole lot cheaper than Pullups : )

  7. ROTFLMHO!!!! lol,just kidding. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t know either!!!

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