Favorite FireFox extensions

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There are several FireFox extentions that I use regularly that I just love.

AutoCopy – allows you to copy text in a browser window simply by highlighting it. If you copy and paste a lot, this saves an extra step. I use this one alllll the time.

AdBlock – allows you to block ads and images you dont’ want to see. It has an option that says something to the effect of, “Block all images from yahoo.com” or whatever. I’ve noticed that the ads on yahoo can get so sleazy! I use it for my secret shopping email, so when I found that I could simply prevent the ads from displaying, I was thrilled. Definitely a handy extention.

View Formatted Source – a handy developer extention. I don’t use this all that much.

ColorZilla – one of my favorites. It has a built-in eyedropper tool that you can click on anything in your browser to find out the RGB and hexadecimal values of any color. VERY handy when trying to design webpages – you can match colors exactly instead of just guessing. This is a huge timesaver for me. It also allows me to indulge my perfectionist tendencies. :O)

IE View – allows you to view any page in Internet Explorer with one right click. Nice to use as a developer to cross-check how pages are displayed in IE. It’s also nice to use if a webpage doesn’t display correctly in FireFox – like my Avon site that I use to order products. It just doesn’t work well in FireFox, so I usually load it in IE instead.

Web Developer – a toolkit that adds a web developer toolbar to FireFox. It has a ton of tools in it that have made my programming MUCH simpler. I use this one a TON.

If you’re a FireFox user, what are your favorite extensions?

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  1. My favorite things about Firefox are the lack of pop-ups and the tabs. I just love the way it works! I need to play more with the extensions, it just seems so far down on the to-do list. Thanks for the ones you gave me, my oldest dd, and computer geek, was happy to hear about them.

    In Him,

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