Growing my faith

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Stephen always teases me about my fear of tornadoes. I don’t know what it is – I’m just afraid of them. That’s one thing that if you ask me what I’m afraid of – I’d tell you tornadoes.

Back in the Carolinas, we really didn’t see a whole lot of tornadoes or tornado watches. I used to say that I was concerned because we lived in a mobile home with no basement to go to.

Then God called us to move to East Central Indiana. Home of lots of tornadoes. I’m sitting here laughing at the irony. Do you suppose God would have this be a test of my faith? Or perhaps just use it as a way to overcome that fear?

My Weatherbug just informed me that there’s a tornado watch out for our area. Yay. I’m just thrilled. (ha ha) The last time we had a tornado watch, Stephen simply didn’t tell me. I was a little aggravated at the moment. . .but I can see his reasoning.

So I suppose we’ll see how the rest of the day turns out, right? One thing I am very thankful for in this house? A basement!

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2 thoughts on “Growing my faith”

  1. I live in West Central Indiana. It’s been a terrible weather season this year after quite a few quiet years.

    I know what you mean, though. As soon as the weather radio goes off or we see the symbols on TV, my stomach gets in knots.

    Prayer helps!

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