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Our God is such an AMAZING God!

He has provided for us in another unexpected way, again.

We got money in the mail today! This is just like God to do this. We got two checks, each for $50. First, we badly needed the money. Second, I just love the “little details.”

We called the bank a couple weeks ago to open an account here. The account that we would have would be free checking, and it has no minimum balance. Good. Our problem was that in order to open an account, the bank required a $50 deposit. Not a problem in itself, except we didn’t have the $50 to deposit. Sure, we could probably pull every last penny we have from all our accounts, but we didn’t want to do that and risk overdrafting the accounts. So we decided to just wait until we had the money. No big deal.

We had gotten a couple of refund checks in the mail from our old phone service, but since they were such small amounts we just held them until we opened an account. I wondered how long it would be before we could open an account. Stephen is due his first paycheck soon, so I just figured that we’d end up using that to open an account.

So today we get not one but two $50 checks. How neat is that? The exact amount we needed to open an account, times two. Instead of one $100 check, there were two $50 checks. Almost as if God were saying, “Here’s what you needed to open a bank account, and then here’s an extra blessing as well.” Now we have money to pay our bills that are due this week. Wow.

God said that He would provide all our needs. I have a print hanging in my living room with a verse on it:

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

I look at it often as a reminder that God said He would provide. And He sure does.

As if that weren’t good enough – our tax refund is scheduled to be deposited into our account this Friday. What a blessing!

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