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I backed the van into a wall yesterday and bent the muffler. :blush_tb: :dry_tb: Stephen and my mom were with me too! We had gone to the bank to open a new account, and when we left, Stephen needed me to drive home. Not a big deal, right? So I looked out the back window, and didn’t see anything, except for a tree. I kept an eye on the tree and backed out as carefully as I usually do…until I heard a huge THUD…and feel a huge THUMP of the van hitting something…

There was a huge curb that I backed into. :dry_tb: Stephen said it was more of a wall. No wonder I couldn’t see it out the back window. Grrrrr. Instead of being the usual 8 or 10 inches high, this curb looked closer to a foot or foot and a half tall. Like more of a retaining wall. Grrrr again. I was so embarassed to drive the van home – you couldn’t see any damage, but the muffler sure rattled. It was loud!

When we got home, Stephen was able to bend it back, so that you really can’t hear the rattle much anymore. I’m aggravated that it happened in the first place. I’ve been driving for ten years – I’m not supposed to do stuff like this anymore, right?

That’s another thing that makes me so thankful for the husband that I have. He didn’t give me grief at all about the van. He could have sent me through the wringer, but he was really nice about it. I’m especially glad how nice he was because of how terrible that I felt for the whole incident.

All in all, I don’t think we need to take the van to a mechanic. At least I hope not any time soon! We do need to go sometime in the near future to have the muffler remounted. We’ve had it attached with coat hangers since last summer…but haven’t had a problem with it. I’m a bit suprised that it’s held up this well this long, but I am definitely thankful though!

Another driving lesson learned: look for curbs that jump out at your vehicle before backing out of a parking space! :blush_tb:

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2 thoughts on “Oops…”

  1. Melody,
    May (when I learn how to do it!!) I link to you? I am a ‘babyblogger’ but have signed in here before and elsewhere with my nickname (Elly). I’m VERY wet-behind-the ears with all of this. I would be blessed. Can you leave an answer as to how you feel on my site (so there’s no pressure here). Thanks.

  2. Oh…..been there, done that!!! Are you per chance 5 feet 2 inches tall? lol Talking about being my double!! Anyhow, we have a minivan. All I know is….after 7 years we are going back to a sedan by the end of the year!! Glad to hear hubby to fix the dent. My dent became ‘added character’ if you will. God’s peace!!

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