How NOT to make a smoothie

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First, it helps if you use a blender. I killed my blender trying to make a smoothie four years ago, so I grabbed the food processor instead. I still have the blender – it works a little – it just won’t chop ice.

Second, don’t try to make a smoothie when you’re still wearing good church clothes. If you are, please wear an apron. I actually had mine on.

Then, don’t dump everything in all at once, especially if your ice cubes are big like ours were. It will make the processor shake something awful.

Make sure you don’t have two cups of liquid over the “Max liquid” mark on the processor. It will make a mess. I promise. It will shoot pink gooey liquid all over the counter.

Then, when you open the lid to take out all the ice so you can add it back one by one, don’t let it drip everywhere.

When your sweet, frothy, pink smoothie is done, and you’ve sucessfully coated your processor base in pink, take the pot off carefully. Open the lid carefully. But if your pot has a big inside tube that just happens to be shorter than the outer rim – DON’T remove the blade!

It will make smoothie leak out the center hole…..all over your sticky counter that you just tried to wipe up a minute before!

So – if you do make such a mess, like I did last night, grab a straw – and drink the smoothie off the counter! LOL! There was probably a half cup of goo on the counter last night….and Stephen and I just went at it with straws so that it wouldn’t go off the edge onto the floor.

And when you finally pour yourself a glass – pour the toddler his own little glass of smoothie – or you won’t be able to enjoy any for yourself!

I’d post pictures but Stephen wouldn’t let me take any. Trust me, it was a HUGE mess!

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  1. You are too hysterical. I haven’t made smoothies FOR THE EXACT REASONS you have mentioned!! Is this God telling me ‘it’s time?’ LOL!!!

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