Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Today’s my Mom’s birthday. I called her so she could hear Little man singing…and then forgot to tell her Happy Birthday! Oops! I think I’ll be calling her right back in a moment here…Then, she didn’t even get to hear little bug sing – he got upset about something and cried the whole time instead!

Let’s try this again. Happy Birthday Mom!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

  1. This internet is a wonderful avenue for communicating to our loved ones! I speak with my eldest all the time this way (she lives 8 hours north of us). Glad to see things went well.

  2. Happy Birthday Helen! That is so cool!

    I did call her back….and she actually got a “biday” from Sam – his first attempt at Birthday! She was pleased as punch. Thanks for the suggestion to call back!

  3. Oh Melody!!!
    Today is my birthday as well and my dd had my grandson call and say “Happy Birtday Nonna!”
    He is 21/2!!!
    Believe me that will mean more to her than all the riches in the world!!!
    Perhaps your little one can try again.
    By the way, I read your blog daily and we visit on PH as well!!!
    Hugs and God bless,

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