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Today as I was cleaning our bathroom I got completely grossed out.

Normally, cleaning the toilet is just another thing that needs to be done; not something that really grosses me out. Today, I glanced at it and thought, “I need to clean that thing.” I grabbed a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner and went to work.

I wanted to use this cleaner up and get rid of it, so that’s why I used it today instead of the regular cleaner that I use. Normally, I don’t care to use a lot of harsh chemicals in the house. If a task can be done with homemade cleaners, then that’s what I use. I don’t want to have to worry if my son gets a container of highly poisonous cleaner – I feel much better knowing that if he ingests something, it’s not going to harm him. Like the vinegar that I use to clean nearly everything in the house.

After just a few swipes with the brush, I was totally grossed out. This cleaner (Sno-Bol, by the way) took marks off that I thought would never move! It even removed the hard water stains that I was convinced were permanent…

What grossed me out is the thought that I could have had that stuff gone long ago! Ew! I guess that’s one ‘regular’ cleaner I’ll go back to using. It works SO much better than what I was using.

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3 thoughts on “Eeewww!”

  1. No problem, Kristen! It didn’t take 100% of the marks off, but very, very close. The Sno-Bol worked MUCH better than I anticipated! Hope it works for you.

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