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Have you ever stopped to think about your attitude? I needed to this morning.

I had logged on this morning to check email and go to the few websites that I frequent each day (Hannah’s Prayer and Prairie Homemaker). I was just fine one moment, and then I came across something that made me think, “Hey! That should have been me!

Oops. There goes my attitude again.

Then I stopped to think about it. Why was I getting such an attitude about it, when I should have just been happy for that person? Who am I to be so self-centered that I think I deserve it more than the other person? I’m thankful that I realized that I had an attitude this morning, so I could confess it and get over it. Now I can honestly say I’m happy for the other person and their situation.

My attitude is something I struggle with daily. If you were to meet me in real life, you may never guess it; I’ve gotten pretty good at hiding it. On the other hand, the Holy Spirit has been working in my life about it as well, and I’m getting better at getting over it. You know, like, “Just get over it, already!” :laugh_tb:

So how’s your attitude? When those rebellious thoughts come to your mind, what is your reaction? Do you dwell on them and get even crankier, or do you listen to the Holy Spirit’s gentle prodding that your heart is in the wrong place?

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