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I’m so happy! I finally just found a box that I’ve been looking for ever since we arrived. It had my stationary box in it – which contained all my thank you notes and my address book in it. I needed thank you notes almost immediately, so I got out my scrapbook supplies and made some, but I still wondered where all my other ones were.

Tonight I went in search of old cd’s. Some of the ladies from church are getting together next week to scrapbook, and I needed some of my photo cd’s. The problem is, I couldn’t seem to find them! I was missing over a year’s worth of photos – which, incidentally, were the photos I needed to work on the scrapbook.

The box was in Little Bug’s room – right where I figured it would be. The reason I couldn’t find it? It got labeled with a wrong sticker. Instead of having “Studio” or something like that on it – it was labelled as a box of stuff for Bug’s room. Oh well. Stephen wanted to know what the huge “Woo Hoo!” was all about! :O)

I’m very thankful to have found that box!

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4 thoughts on “Found it!”

  1. You know, after I think about it, I believe that could be a distinct possibility.

    P.S. Thankyou!

  2. As I read the part about the houge “WooHoo”! I can hear you saying it in my mind. Wierd, huh?

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