Still sick, but…

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…but I’m getting better. YAY!

No, Stephen didn’t get my medicine. He had a good reason though. We had an appointment at 4:45 yesterday afternoon, and he didn’t want us to be late. We stopped after the appointment to get meds. He got me one of those day and night combination packs – that has both Dayquil and Nyquil in it. That Nyquil is something else – I got a great night’s sleep last night. YAY! I love that stuff. It’s the one cold medicine that I can bank on – it works great!

Today I still sound pretty bad (not much of a voice), but I feel a lot better. I told Stephen’s mom that I sound worse than I feel. I can handle that.

This cold really amazes me – it moves so quickly! Just Monday I started feeling crummy, and two days later I’m on the mend. I’m not used to colds clearing up this quickly, but I am definitely thankful that it is!

It looks like little bug is getting it though…he’s got a runny nose, but he doesn’t act like he feels too icky yet. Hopefully this is the most he’ll get. We’ll see.

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