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We sure had a nasty experience here yesterday. Don’t bother reading any further if you have a weak stomach, ok?

First, little man has been sick for almost a week now. I don’t mean throw up sick, I mean explode-in-the-diaper-then-it-goes-up-the-back kind of sick. The kind of sick where every diaper change means a change of clothes as well and sometimes a bath too.

The first smart thing I did was start putting cloth diapers on him. We’d been using disposable because they were so much nicer with the mess, but they really weren’t containing the mess well at all. Somehow even the not-so-full diapers managed to leak everywhere.

So last night, we sat down to watch a video that we checked out from the library (this library has an INCREDIBLE selection of videos! I love it!). Our dog was in the house, so when he went upstairs I didn’t think too much about it. I asked Stephen if the doors were closed to the bedrooms, thinking that the dog just wanted to lay on the carpeted landing. Little man had been torturing him, and since the rest of the house has hardwood floors…

We called him downstairs and put him outside. I promptly forgot all about the dog. Bug fell asleep in my lap, so I took him upstairs to change the diaper and put him in bed.

As soon as I walked in the room, I saw this nasty brown and white mess on the floor next to the trash can.

The dog had gotten a (nasty) diaper from the trash can and had ripped it open all over the carpet.

I hollared downstairs to Stephen to bring up a garbage bag, and I started to change the diaper I originally went upstairs to change.

My sweet husband cleaned up the mess for me, bagged it, and sprayed and vacuumed the carpet for me too. I’m so thankful he did that! I’m not sure I could have done it without gagging.

We left the dog outdoors last night. I didn’t know if he’d actually eaten any of the diaper stuff, and I didn’t want to find out the hard way if it would make him sick or not.

Lesson learned. Keep an eye on the dog at ALL times!


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3 thoughts on “Yuck!”

  1. Oh, my! What an experience! LOL I wonder why dogs love such nasty things? We had a dog once that would go into the bathroom and get whatever was in the trashcan out and chew it up. It was awful. He seemed to love used kleenex the most!

    Hope the rest of your week goes better! 🙂

  2. Julie – thanks for the giggle at the brillo pad comment…so far, we haven’t had it that bad. You never do know, though, huh?

  3. Oh YUCK! I had to laugh at your description of the “…goes up the back…” the worst one of these is when it happens right after your little one goes to sleep and you dont find it til the next morning. It takes a brillo pad (just kidding) to get it off the back!! LOL


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