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Stephen went to orientation at his work today. It feels SO good to be able to say that he’s a working man again! I know it bothered him to be unemployed, but I know that he couldn’t help it either. Still, it is a relief to know he’s got a full-time job now.

He told me today that tomorrow he will have to take some sort of placement test. Apparently the plant is hiring for a couple more advanced positions that pay more. From what Stephen told me, he should be able to do well on the test. We’ll see, but I sure can hope, right?

So now I pray. Stephen’s pay isn’t bad, but if he can get better pay, well, I’m all for it!

My biggest dillema is how to turn in the paperwork that’s sitting on the dining room table. We applied for health insurance for little man the other day, but when we got to the interview, we discovered that we needed a few more pieces of information that we didn’t think to bring. It really isn’t a big deal to turn it all back in. My decision is whether or not to take Stephen to work tomorrow so I can have the van. He doesn’t know what time he’s supposed to be done at work; otherwise I’d just take him and not think more about it. Hmm. I suppose I could walk…but I’m not convinced that’s the best idea either…it’s a bit far…

I think I’ll probably end up taking Stephen to work in the morning, and then waiting for him to call at the end of the day to say, “Come get me.”

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