Third shift

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Yep, Stephen’s going to be working third shift. I’m a bit dissapointed, to be honest. Life will definitely be interesting trying to get used to Stephen being a day sleeper – and trying to keep Sam quiet enough so that Stephen can sleep.

There are some nice benefits to third shift, though. He will get paid more (YAY!). He won’t have to miss church like he might have to with second shift. And my personal favorite: I’ll be able to use the van whenever I need to, since he will be home during “regular business hours.” I won’t have to worry about driving him to work just so I can go to appointments (and putting an extra 60 miles a day on the van doing so).

It will take some getting used to, that’s for sure. I’m still very thankful that Stephen has a job at all. It’s a huge relief!

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4 thoughts on “Third shift”

  1. Melody,
    This is Lora from MIH. I have lived this life for several years. I pray that it will work well for you.

    In Him,

  2. You will indeed adjust to third shift. My husband had to work that shift in the Air Force for a while, and at the time I was babysitting 2 children! Wes is a heavy sleeper, which helped, but we learned to play in other rooms and to talk quietly. It will take some work to get used to, but you can do it! And there are the advantages you mentioned! I liked being up and dressed when Wes got home from work, so I could greet him looking nice, too. He’d stay up for a bit, then sleep, and when he got up in the evening, we had some time together. Praying that you’ll all adjust quickly!

  3. Hopefully the longer he’s there, the better it’ll get. Soon he might be able to work day hours. I’m glad he got the job and I pray things start looking up for you in that department!

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