Spring flowers

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So many trees are starting to bloom here. Our Bradford Pears out front are blooming, the forsythia are blooming, and much to my suprise, my daffodils bloomed. We transplanted them from the front of the house where they never bloomed to out front in our lily garden. I counted 18 buds out there yesterday. Today, I picked some so I could enjoy them in the house as well.

I cut a couple branches from the Bradford Pear tree to add to my little handful of spring flowers, but once I got them inside, I quickly discovered that they make me sneeze. I’m not sure if it’s the pollen or the scent of the flowers that made me sneeze, so I quickly took them back outside. They’re so pretty that I just had to take a picture first, though.

When I went to grab my bud vase, I discovered that it was already packed. Bummer. So I grabbed a jelly jar, and put them in there. Flowers on a budget. (grin)

Since the mouth of the jar was so wide, and since I didn’t pick very many flowers, I put some clear tape across the mouth of the jar to make it a little smaller. You can hardly see the tape, yet it helps keep the flowers in place without being unsightly.

Since the forsythia are blooming so much right now, I went and cut a big handful of stems to put on my kitchen table next to my household notebook. I used another jelly jar for the vase here too. It is so nice to be able to have some flowers on my table, even if they’re from my yard. I think they’re pretty. To me, they really brighten the room.

Then when I headed outside to check for eggs, I noticed that there were daffodils growing in the woods, so I picked one from there too to add to my jar. The yellow just seems to add a ray of sunshine to my little kitchen.

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