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We woke up this morning to a world of white. It is so pretty. Stephen and I had a good laugh that the first snow we saw of the season was in March…on the first day of spring, no less. Happy Spring, Y’all! :jittery_tb: Sounds like a good excuse for a HUGE mug of coffee and a good book. :coffee1_ms:

We’re slowly getting things arranged around here. When we moved in, the previous renters had left some of their things in one of the bedrooms (it was very full, lol, but I forgot to take a picture). Well, they came Sunday afternoon to come get their stuff. Yay! We now have another room to use! I’m not 100% sure, but we’re guessing this house has somewhere between 1700 and 2000 square feet – it’s HUGE! And now we have ANOTHER bedroom to use. We decided to make it Stephen’s study instead of a studio for me because the piano won’t fit around the corner into the room. They left a desk here for us to use (that was nice – we certainly have use for it!). We moved our biggest bookshelf into the room, and set up a table there for my sewing machine…I was estatic! I’ve never had a place to keep my sewing machine out all the time, but I do now! I’ve been dreaming up all the sewing projects I can do now that I have a “sewing room.” Ok…more like a sewing half-room…or sewing corner…I don’t care! I have a place that’s designated as my sewing place, and that makes me happy.

I’ve been thinking about starting another quilt, but I figured I’d start with a throw pillow first. I figure I can try the new block out without committing to a whole quilt and then discovering it’s too hard.

Little man is starting to adjust here as well. He just loves all the room to run! We let Buddy become an indoor dog (well, mostly, he slept outside last night because he whined so badly about being “cooped up” inside), and Little man has found himself quite the friend in that dog. I think his favorite thing to say is, “Buddy, no!” They are quite the pair. We kept Little man’s snowsuit out when we packed, so I imagine that we’ll take him outside later today. Another thing we really like about this house – it has a HUGE back yard – completely fenced in. It’s very nice.

I’ve also had two inquiries about piano lessons already. Wow – we’ve barely been here a week! I’ll take it though. I got the impression that the one person I spoke with was quite serious, so we’ll see. I have learned that just because someone inquires about lessons, that doesn’t always mean that they’ll end up a student of mine. But I’ve also learned to be able to better tell from the conversation how serious the person really is. We’ll see. It really would be nice to get some students here right away. I miss teaching more than I anticipated.

When we were offered this house to live in, we were offered it with the agreement that we would do some repairs in exchange for lower rent. I took a few before pictures, but need to edit them to put them here to show you. My parents came for several days to help us get unpacked and settled in, and my dad did a lot of things around here. The kitchen had new cabinets installed, but the doors were never hung. Dad did all of the doors while he was here. Well, almost all – a couple of the doors didn’t fit or were missing, so he hung the ones that were here. I believe the other doors have been ordered and Stephen will hang them when they arrive. When I take the after pictures (I’m waiting to take those until the rest of the cabinet doors are up) I’ll post them here. We’ll be painting the kitchen soon too – it’s navy right now. I like the color itself, but not on walls. The owners don’t like the blue either, so I told them to just get us a color they wanted so they wouldn’t have to paint over my color. I’m not picky. They used to have it painted Antique White, so we’re just going to paint it that color and save them a step. I think that’s going to make the room look HUGE! It’s already twice the size of my old kitchen.

Well, I’ll close for now. I don’t have a separate line for internet here, so I try to limit my computer time. I can’t get as much done in one sitting now, but I think it’s good. I was wanting to get more disciplined about my computer time, and I think this kind of “forced discipline” will really help.

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2 thoughts on “Snow!”

  1. Hi Melody. You need to take us some pics of that snow! You know here we don’t see none. It would be nice to see some real snow hehe. Glad to hear about your house. Sounds like you could put 2 of the old house in there. Glad to hear that your all doing good. We love you guys. I jealous I wish I had a sewing corner. All our corners have R’s junk in them hehe Well I gotta run. School time. Stephanie V.

  2. Hi Melody! Good luck in your new home. I really enjoy your blog, and almost feel as if I know you! I used to teach piano just like you.

    Looking forward to hearing about what you do with your home decorations. Lucky you, to have a proper sewing corner! I do hope you will post pics of your creations.
    All the best,

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