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I received this comment the other day:

Just a question , probably a dumb one but ………… Im a furniture builder and stay and work at home-r…For yrs when building i wear pants and shorts etc. Its just become uncomfortable as of late and i have gotten to a place that i just cant stand the confined feeling i have while working . I have been unable to find a style skirt that i feel has a design that will be safe around the dangerious tools in my shop . Ive always been big on safty and i worry about getting caught up in my machinery . Its happened before when wearing a loose fitting T. What do you suggest ? I have no problems with skirts at any other time , Not even when roofing or out hunting or chopping wood. But these large and dangerious power tools and skirts just arent mixing and i need something a bit loose as to be mobil on the job.Any Ideas?

It’s not a dumb question at all. It’s perfectly legitimate.

What about a skirt with a straighter design? One that still allows you the mobility, but is closer to your body than a huge, full skirt. Another thing that comes to mind is a skirt made of heavier material. A denim skirt would be less likely to fly up in a breeze than a thin cotton skirt. Would that work?

Another idea that comes to mind is a riding skirt, like ladies used to wear long ago. You can view a picture of one here. It wouldn’t have to be quite as full as the one pictured…..but you would still have the benefit of the split skirt. If you sew, you could customize it to suit your preferences.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to do. Those are the only ideas that come to mind at the moment. I hope that helps some – or at least gives you more ideas to consider!

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