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We’ll get a call soon saying more people are interested in our house.

I just got a knock on the door a few moments ago – but I was too chicken to answer it, lol! Our property manager told us not to worry about answering the door if the people were here about the house (and it was apparent this person was here about the house – she sat in her car out on the road for a while before she came to the door) so I don’t feel bad about not answering it.

It did scare me a bit though! It seems so silly to admit that it unnerves me that people sit out on the road looking at our house, but it does. So when this lady knocked on the door, considering that I wasn’t expecting a knock, it really startled me. Oh well.

That makes 3 car drive-by’s in two days…maybe more…but these three were obviously looking at the house. Hopefully we’ll get a tenant VERY soon!

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