Another productive day

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Here’s a couple of pictures of what got accomplished yesterday:

Finished making some thank you notes. I have a whole box of them somewhere around here, but I can’t find it. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere, I just can’t figure out where. :O)

Fed my sourdough starter. We needed bread in the house, and the starter needed to be fed. This is one of Stephen’s favorites. The recipe makes 3 loaves, and two of the loaves are already spoken for. I guess we’ll just have to make more sourdough bread next week.

Made some curtains for the study. I had originally bought the fabric to make myself a dress, but I never ended up making it. I bought two different fabrics from that particular line of material, and the first one I made from the fabric bled so badly I couldn’t bring myself to make another dress from it. The jumper was really nice, but it kept rubbing color onto the shirts I wore underneath. I didn’t want to deal with that from this fabric also, so I decided to make it into curtains. There was enough material left over to still make a skirt (I think), so I might go ahead and do that. A skirt shouldn’t rub color off as badly, but we’ll see. I thought about taking the rest and making curtains for Sam’s room with it. It amazes me how much of a difference a couple of curtains make, but it’s nice. The room doesn’t feel quite so barren now, but it still needs something on the walls. Gotta go find that box of pictures again…

Made and enjoyed some brownies. The look on Stephen’s face when I told him I was making brownies for dessert was priceless. We have a wonderful recipe – and he just loves them. And no, don’t even bother asking for the recipe. I’ve been ordered that the recipe for Melody’s Marvelous Brownies is to stay a York family secret. Sorry. Stephen’s orders. :O)

This isn’t from yesterday, but I just had to share. Stephen joked the other day about how this house wouldn’t seem like home until we got the chicken calendar (thanks Mom and Dad!) hung up. Well, the calendar is up, in a place of honor on the living room wall. I guess this place really is home now. :happy_tb:

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3 thoughts on “Another productive day”

  1. Kayla, I’ll share that as soon as I find the cd that it’s on. Hopefully soon. :O)

    Stephanie, the curtains are navy plaid. The other color is a really dark cream (darker than the cream color here on the blog) – almost a peach. It’s a real homey-looking plaid. Even the fabric is thicker. Makes great valances though!

  2. Hi Melody. I like the curtians. What color is the fabric? I like the red and blue rooms. hehe I have a red and blue room too. Those brownies look good too. Were going to make some out of a box. I hope everyone is well. If you didn’t have the chicken calender it just would not be the yorkcrazybird home hehe
    Stephanie V.

  3. What about the sourdough recipe? Will ya share that? LOL… I thought you had posted it once upon a time. I’ll go look for it. If not, would you mind sharing?

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