Two walk-throughs Friday

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Our property manager called me this afternoon. “I need to arrange two walk-throughs for your house for tomorrow.”

Two. Did you hear that? Not just one, but two.

No problems here! I told her that both times work (they do). Guess I’m going grocery shopping twice tomorrow. We needed to go to three different stores anyways, so this will work out well.

“And by the way, one of them asked about leasing to own – he’s interested in buying the house…”

Wow God. What do You have planned?

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2 thoughts on “Two walk-throughs Friday”

  1. Praying that all goes well! Sometimes it’s very interesting to just sit back & watch what the Lord is doing! His ways are definitely not the same as ours! 🙂 It’s all in HIS timing and not ours.

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