So blessed

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Stephen called me yesterday to tell me some good news. The pastor from his old church told him that when we get ready to move – they would pay for a tank of gas in our moving truck. Wow.

Stephen’s been working down at the school there this week. His parents both still work there. Almost every day this week, he’s brought home leftovers from school lunch. What a huge blessing! It’s been kinda fun calling him each day to ask, “What are you bringing home today?” So far this week, he’s brought home chicken tenders (big yum! We haven’t had those in a looooong time, and we ate those right up!), spaghetti and Italian bread, and pizza. What a blessing. I love to cook, but this free food is wonderful – and saving me some work – well, that’s nice too!

Our bills are getting paid. It’s amazing. Our budget and checkbook make no sense, and forget about a balanced budget (although our checkbook is balanced, thank the Lord!). But somehow, each time a bill is due, it gets paid. God is certainly providing!

This has been the biggest test of faith that I have ever seen in my life, hands down. But you know what – it has been so much FUN to watch as God provides over and over and over again! That’s why I share it here – it’s such a blessing to me that I figure maybe it’ll be a blessing to others as well.

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