Renting our home

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We have made our decision. We are putting our home on the renter’s market. We have discussed it at length, and have prayed about it. So far, we have peace about the whole situation.

We had the Century 21 Property Manager (I’m gonna call her a pm – it’s easier, lol) out here today to look at the house. She was very encouraging, and gave us a lot of information. Stephen had been talking to a couple people he knows that own rental property, and took their advice, and asked the pm all sorts of questions. It was nice to have her answer our questions the way we were hoping they’d be answered.

We will call her in the morning to give her our final answer. When she left today, we told her that we wanted to discuss it a bit before we give her an answer for sure. So unless God gives us total unrest about the situation (which I’ve seen Him do in other situations when He doesn’t want us to pursue something), we’ll be calling in the morning to set up a time for us to sign management papers.

In many ways, this is a HUGE relief. The pm told us that just today she had someone calling looking for a place to rent – so it is entirely possible that we will have a renter by the end of the week! Wow! We will continue to pack our things, and pray that God is very clear as to how things are to work out.

So now, we are just waiting for God to send the right renters along. Anyone know of someone looking for a house in Clover, SC? :cool1_tb:

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