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We had our meeting yesterday with another realtor. It was NOT encouraging! It amazes me how some people view things. It was almost as if they looked down on us for owning a mobile home, but were trying to hide it. I want a realtor’s advice, but don’t treat me like a second-class citizen if the choices I’ve made are not what you would have done! Wow… I was amazed at how critically she appeared to be looking at our home.

So we called the original realtor back this morning. For the most part, we really liked her when we met with her. She had said that her rate was negotiable, so we will be keeping that in mind. There were some other ideas that we had that we wanted to check out, so I asked her about them this morning. She couldn’t answer all of my questions, but left a note for the lady in the office who could. She said that maybe the other lady would call me on Monday since she’s out of the office this week.

We shall see!

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