Look how God is providing for us

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This is the before picture of our pantry. I didn’t bother to photograph the upper shelves because they just have canisters on them. We were almost out of food. I had been making a grocery list, but hadn’t had a chance to make it to the grocery store yet. Sunday morning, I prayed that God would provide for us.

Sunday night, a friend came up to me and told me to meet her after church because she had something for me in her car.

She had cleaned out her pantry and brought me all of this food! One other thing that’s not in the picture is the cooler full of meat that she brought me. Wow.

This is the after picture of our pantry. It amazes me how God provided. One thing that I think is so neat: we were almost out of rice (we eat a lot of rice). One of the bags of food had a 10-lb bag of rice. Isn’t that cool?

Then, we had a ladies’ meeting at church Monday night. This same friend pulled me aside again, telling me to meet her out at her car. She had brought me another bag of food, and another cooler full of meat. Again, God provided something we were out of. We had just used the rest of the pancake syrup on Little man’s breakfast that morning. Wouldn’t you know it – in that bag was a bottle of syrup! God sure knows our needs…and syrup isn’t even a need

This was such a blessing. I just wanted to share it with everyone!

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