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I just added 6 more designs to my jewelry website, and will be adding a couple more in the next few days. I had a bunch that I photographed a while back, and never listed, so I finished doing that this morning.

Then last night, when Karen was over, she saw my supplies and wanted a bracelet. I let her play around with things a little bit, and we ended up designing her one. It’s really pretty! If I had enough butterfly beads left, I’d make myself one, but I don’t. I need to go get another package or so of them before I can make another bracelet with them. I think we’re going to call the design “Float the blues away” or something like that, because it has blue crystal beads and butterflies in it… We’ll see. I really liked how it turned out.

It’s nice to see my store coming together more – what started as a hobby has become a business. YAY!

You can see the store at Hope of My Heart Designs.

(And no, this wasn’t entirely a shameless plug…just stating what I’ve been doing the past couple of days…)

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