Both my guys are sick

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Both Stephen and Little man are getting sick. :sad_tb: Stephen was working on his sermon this morning (he preached in chapel this morning), just coughing away. I hope he was able to preach without coughing too much! Then, when Little man woke up, he was coughing too. My poor guys! Even right now, Little man is down for a nap, and I can hear him coughing. He must be coughing in his sleep, because he’s quiet otherwise, but he can’t be feeling too good. That explains why he’s been so tired lately; all that coughing must be keeping him from sleeping well.

I hope I don’t get it too – I really don’t want our whole house sick at the same time!

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  1. I feel for you here! My little ones are sick too. They have a terribel cough. Last night was the first time in 2 weeks they slept all night and NOT in our bed. I’ll pray for you guys, if you have it as bad as these guys do, its tough on everyone! Talk to you later, your sister in Christ, Carrie

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