Small house update

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I called our property manager today to see if she had any updates for us. We wanted to know if anyone had expressed interest in our home.

She told us that there had been a lot of interest (yay!), and that she had just given directions to someone to drive by the house right before I called. That was kind of a weird feeling – to know that a potential tenant might drive by and see me in my home. Eeehhh. Gives me the willies! I don’t like the feeling that I’m being watched. That said, I want people to come out here. We want people to see the house and like it.

The property manager also told me that she had one lady who was really interested, but the lady wanted to pay $100 less a month than we’re asking. I don’t think so – at that price, we wouldn’t even break even. Not smart. But that’s why I’m thankful for a property manager. She handles all that stuff, and then we don’t have to be the “mean one.” Makes life a lot easier.

So now I continue doing what I’ve been doing: pray for a tenant to come soon.

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