The Gallery is working again

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I went to my gallery the other day, and it wasn’t working. :sad_tb: I was pretty concerned, because I didn’t want to spend a lot of time hacking and reading tons of code to fix something, when it worked just fine a couple of weeks ago.

I went to the Gallery support forums, found the answer, and submitted a support ticket to my webhost.

Within two minutes (honest!) I had a reply, and things were fixed! My webhost is incredible! I have always been satisfied with their services, but this was just icing on the cake. That almost instant response pretty much blew me away!

If you’re looking for a good web host, look no further. Check out eChristian Webhosting. They’re fantastic!

And if you’re sitting there wondering why you can’t find a link to the gallery, well…I’m still a little gunshy about just anybody being able to see very many pictures of my son. It’s not linked to anywhere, and it’s password protected. If you’d like access, email me, and we’ll talk.

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