What a day

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It amazes me how some days can be so tiring!  LOL!

But that’s not why I’m posting.  I thought I’d give another update!  Yay!

We serve such a wonderful, Awesome God.  Last night, I had signed into IM and Annie (the pastor’s wife in Attica – we’ve been friends for a couple of years) beeped me to say hey.  It was neat to talk to her again!

She was able to tell me about some of the houses they’ve seen that they think might work for us.  That was very exciting!

Then Stephen came home from revival meeting (at a nearby church) to tell me that he had bumped into an acquaintance from our old church – who was interested in buying our house!  As with the other people interested – we don’t know if it will pan out but it was certainly encouraging.

Then today, I accidentally set off the church’s security system.  I was SO embarrassed!  I had to call Stephen to get the password because I didn’t remember it.  Good thing too – it was not what I remembered at all!  LOL!

Then he told me that one of the Christian schools in Attica (well, ok Lafayette, but still in the area) CALLED HIM BACK TODAY!  We had written this school pretty much off – thinking they weren’t hiring – but they’re willing to consider him.  It was a suprise!  I had completely forgotten about them after Stephen called them in December.  Their hiring person wasn’t in when he called, and when we didn’t hear back that week, I just plain forgot.  But he called today!  He asked Stephen what he taught, and when he told him, he said he’d mail an application out.  So we’ll see.

That’s officially our first “we’d like more information” job lead so far. Very encouraging.

I really should start packing, but here I am, sitting on the computer.  Hmmm.  Something’s wrong with this picture!

Annie also told me that a couple at the church has volunteered to open their home to us if we need a place to stay while we get the house finished (we’re looking at buying a repo and doing repairs, thus keeping costs down).  What a HUGE blessing!

I also finally finished Stephen’s resume today.  That was a big relief.  Then I submitted it all over the place – we had saved a lot of jobs that looked good, so I went back to all of them to submit the final resume.

So now we wait!

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